Building and Zoning Department

Gary Cranmer - Police Officer / Director of Building & Zoning
Joshua Ruot – Building & Property Maintenance Inspector
Becky Leggett – Permit Clerk/Secretary


232 Church Street
East Alton, Illinois 62024
Fax: (618) 259-2095
Email: [email protected]


Normally open Monday-Friday excluding holidays 


The Director and Inspector are out of the office working in the field throughout the day and the schedule changes daily. If you need to meet them in person at the office please call and schedule an appointment time.


Construction, electrical and occupancy inspections must be scheduled in advance. The schedule does change and books up quickly. Please make sure to confirm the inspector will be available before starting your project and schedule your inspections several days in advance.


Activities of the Building and Zoning Department

• Occupancy Inspections
• To provide assistance to developers, contractors, and property owners on zoning and building requirements and methods
• To review plans for construction and renovation work and issue required permits
• To ensure that construction and remodeling of facilities are in compliance with various ICC, State and local codes an ordinances which includes inspection of all building construction
• Upgrade or eliminate substandard structures and preserve existing structures from deterioration through enforcement of the Village’s zoning, building, and property maintenance codes
• Assign address numbers for new construction
• Issue notices of abatement and send citation to court for the following
          • Weeds, junk, trash, interior and exterior property maintenance violations, etc.
• Make court appearances

Building Codes

• International Building Code - 2015
• International Residential Code - 2015
• International Fire Code - 2015
• National Electrical Code - 2014
• International Mechanical Code - 2015
• International Fuel Gas Code - 2015
• International Property Maintenance Code - 2015
• International Energy Conservation Code - 2018
• Illinois State Plumbing Code Current and all subsequent editions
• International Swimming and SPA Code - 2015
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