Beautification Committee

"Help make a difference in your community....with beauty of flowers"

The Beautification Committee is a group of area resident volunteers who have an interest in making the Village of East Alton a nicer place to live. These volunteers adopt various flowerbeds throughout the Village. These volunteers also help with group work projects for the larger flowerbeds jobs and projects. If you are interested in joining this committee please contact the Recreation Department at (618) 259-7411.

Group Work Days

The recreation department will work with your group to do a work day or project for community servie and helping make a difference in our community. These would include jobs like park cleanup, weeding flowerbeds, mulching, painting, etc. If you are interested in doing a work day, please call our office at 259-7411

Beautification sites:

  • Powermill Road (close to Rt. 140)
  • Rt. 3 across from Brassmill
  • St. Louis Avenue (next to American Legion)
  • Main Street (across Fischers Trusses Building)
  • Berkshire Blvd (corner by Chef Bob's)
  • Rt. 3 next to Uhaul
  • Rt. 3 across from McDonald's (McDonalds Staff Maintain)
  • Corner Shamrock & Main St (Community Seed helps Maintaining)
  • Village Hall Front & Back (7 flower beds)
  • Vital Services Building (3 Flower beds)
  • Village Zoning Building (1 Flower bed)
  • VanPreter Park (10 Flower beds)
  • Keasler Complex (7 Flower beds)

Making a Difference!

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