Public Works Water Division

Doug Booten
Superintendent of Water & Wastewater Division
Water Treatment Plant
610 Levee Rd.
East Alton, IL 62024

Water Plant - (618)259-4646

Billing/Service - (618)259-6521


Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Closed holidays


Billing is bi-monthly. To make a payment, you can use cash, check, or money order in the office, by mail, or in the night deposit box on the front of the Municipal Building. To make a payment with Credit/Debit/E-check, please click here.

To make a phone payment, please call 855-594-0902. A nominal convenience fee will be added to each transaction. Using a third-party online bill pay vendor (except Invoice Cloud) may result in delay of payment resulting in late fees and/or possible disconnection. Please note: is NOT affiliated with the Village of East Alton and is considered a third party online bill pay vendor.

Transfer Fees/Turn On Fees:

In order to turn on water or transfer water to another residence, $60 must be paid in advance and the resident must bring in a picture ID, Occupancy Permit (available at the Zoning Office 259-1185) and their lease agreement. Only cash, check, or money order will be accepted for the $60.00 transfer fee.

If you are moving to East Alton and need to set up water services at your residence, please fill out the Water Agreement Form and return it in person to the Water Department, Municipal Building, 119 West Main Street, East Alton, IL 62024. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed to view the form. Please click on the icon at the bottom of the page to download form.

Quality on Tap

Our goal is and always has been, to provide to you a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.
Our water source is from eight wells that draw water from the American Bottoms Aquifer. This aquifer covers an area of about 175 square miles from Alton to Dupo. The water plant was built in 1968. In 1992 a 3 MGD (million gallons per day) 'state of the art' addition was added. Well water enters the purification system through an aerator that removes gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and air bubbles and helps to oxidize the iron. The water then enters a clarifier were lime and coagulants are added to remove iron and manganese, and reduce hardness. The water from the clarifier then enters the recarbonation vessel. Here adding carbon dioxide lowers the water pH and the water is stabilized for domestic use. Fluoride is added at this point to enhance dental health. Next the treated water passes through two filters to remove the last traces of turbidity. The filtered water then flows into two clearwells with a total capacity of one million gallons. The clear, purified, and softened water is now ready for consumption and is pumped through the distribution system to the Village of East Alton customers. For a private tour of the water plant call (618) 259-4646 for a time and details.

The Village's Water Department is also a proud member of the Groundwater Guardian Foundation. Also, in 2000 the Village was awarded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources the Shining Star Award for their continued work in groundwater protection efforts

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