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Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday 1-4 pm

Membership Fees

Corporate Residents Membership Fees

Membership 17 & Under
(Gym, Game Room & Activity Room)
Membership 18 & Above
(Gym, Game Room & Activity Room)
Universal Weight Room Membership
9th grade and above
(Weight Room, Gym, Game Room & Activity Room)

Daily Guest Fee Child/Adult
(Gym &Game Room )

$1/$3 /day

Unicorporate & Non-Residents Membership Fees

Student Membership 17 & Under
(Gym, Game Room & Activity Room )
Adult Membership
(Gym, Game Room & Weight Room )
Daily Guest Fee Child/Adult
(Gym & Game Room)
$3/$5 /day

Facility Rentals

The Keasler Recreation Complex is available for individuals or organizations to rent. Each rental requires a $50 deposit at the time of the application.  All rentals need to include a minimum of 30 minutes for set up and 30 minutes for clean up in addition to  their rental times. The Keasler Recreation Complex rental fees are as follows:

Room 49'x47' maximum 150 people small kitchen, large state
Meeting Room
Room 22'x47' maximum 50 people, large kitchen area attached
Game Room
2 pool tables, ping-pong table, foosball tables, air hockey game, x-box 360, and Wii
Full Gymnasium
6 baskets or 2 volleyball courts

All rentals require $50 deposit and subject to availability

Click for rental application:

Equipment Rentals

The Park and Recreation Department offers an opportunity for individuals or organizations to rent equipment, tables and chairs, for special events. There are a select few of these set aside for this opportunity and if you are interested please check on the availability of them.

Individuals must submit an application for equipment rental request, submit a $50 deposit check at the time of the application. If they are available, individual must come in to pay the rental fee and check them out. The individual must then check them back in and the deposit will be refunded the next working day (Monday - Friday) if they are returned in the same condition. Individuals will be responsible to pay for any additional repairs above $50 and pay for any lost / stolen items.

The rental fees are as follows:

$3 per table (8' aluminum table)
$3 per 8 metal chairs

All applications require a $50 deposit

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